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Inspiring flavors


Welcome to Kokoyaki Sushi®

Kokoyaki Sushi is the meeting point of creative flavours and unique presentations. Kokoyaki Sushi, which has a special place in the hearts of sushi lovers, offers unique flavours with fresh fish expertly prepared in each slice. Kokoyaki Sushi takes its guests to the mystical atmosphere of Asia by combining the subtleties of Far Eastern cuisine with modern touches and presenting each plate as a work of art. If you have been to Kokoyaki Sushi before, you know what we mean, and if you haven't yet, we would like to share this unique experience with you.

A view from Kokoyaki Sushi restaurants
Şef Ercan Çakmak

Our philosophy

As Kokoyaki Sushi ®, we have principles that we cannot give up. We think you always deserve the best. Every guest who comes to Kokoyaki Sushi is special to us and we work to make them happy. We never compromise on the quality and freshness of our meals. We would like to welcome you in the warm and friendly atmosphere of Kokoyaki Sushi, ensure that you have a pleasant time and provide an unforgettable taste experience. We have guests who have known us for years and whom we consider as family. Cooking is a sensitive issue that requires great care. That's why we take our job seriously.

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